When will we build our Building?

Jun 25, 2023    David Palmer

Are you feeling led to help us make this building happen?

Give Here: https://covenantchurch.us/giving

We haven’t always been portable - but we’ve mostly been portable over these past 13 years. In 2019 we began taking serious steps toward a permanent location by purchasing 15 acres of land on Borror rd. - if you haven’t seen it, it’s between Buckeye Parkway and 104 and has our sign on it. It’s a beautiful property.

We took pledges and giving commitments, lined up potential financing, designed and planned to break ground on a $3.2mm 500 seat church building in April of 2020. In hindsight: our timing could not have been worse. The pandemic hit hard around the time we were hoping to break ground. Our builder could no longer find enough guys to move forward with the project - even if we could somehow get the supplies to build (which we couldn’t).

As a church, we spent the next two years through the pandemic trying to figure out how to move forward. We hired a new project manager, we found a new architect and builder. The team was all in place, but a new problem confronted us that was once again outside of our control. Inflation.

Many of you faithfully gave toward your pledges during this time. Some months, between building giving and budget overages we’d save $30k toward the building…and yet, because of inflation the building cost would go up $120k that month. In fact, between 2020 & 2022 the building cost rose from $3.2mm to over $5mm - the same building just $2mm more expensive. But this doesn’t mean that we’ve given up on the project. We continue to save and work toward our permanent home as a church, and we’re trusting God through the process to provide in his timing.